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The Journey of Mind

Saying what others won't.

14 June
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My name is Daniru Aren Dai. I live in a world all my own most of the time. I am currently sixteen years old and I love anime. I am the current VP of the Otaku Circle based in Abilene, Texas. I am around five feet six inches in hieght and wiegh more that some. I have piercing blue eyes and longish dirty blonde hair. I wear glasses and am a little antisocial. I speak my mind and I act wierd enough to keep most people away. I am a writer and am currently in the middle of writting my second book "Moonlight Travels." I Don't plan to change myself unless I alone want the change. I am consistent and love to use my words to sway those that are weak. I am manipulative and conceded at times. I am not the best person in the world but I will have to do. I am Me and I won't bend to the will of others lightly.